History Of Zion - Postcards

Published in a set of postcards (circa 1930)
Disguised as a tramp, John Alexander Dowie spied out the locality of Zion, Illinois, in the summer of 1899. He optioned 6,500 acres of land lying on the shore of Lake Michigan, later purchasing the property, upon which he built the City of Zion. It lies midway between Chicago and Milwaukee on Sheridan Road and is one of the best laid out and most completely surveyed cities in the United States. The population of nearly 6,000 represents nearly all quarters of the earth.

In the center of the city is located Shiloh Tabernacle, which seats 4,000, and which is reached by eight converging boulevards. The Tabernacle is equipped with an electric-pneumatic organ, which ranks with the best instruments in this country. A white-robed choir of 500 voices renders selections each Lord’s Day afternoon throughout the year, and at intervals, standard oratorios and cantatas. The walls of the Tabernacle are lined with crutches, braces, high-heeled shoes and various other paraphernalia surrendered by those healed in answer to prayer.

Zion Educational Institutions, from the Kindergarten and the Junior Grades to the College, are private, and have an enrollment of nearly 1,500 pupils. All branches are taught, including manual training, domestic science and gymnasium work. The Bible is the principal text book. The Department of Music has 800 pupils enrolled.

The Institutions and Industries now number twenty-seven, and do a business of about $4,000,000 a year.

The Department Store is the largest merchandising establishment in Lake County.

Zion Home is the largest Divine Healing Home in the world.

Wilbur Glenn Voliva, the head of Zion, was born in Newton, Fountain County, Indiana, March 10, 1870.

The land is not sold, but leased for a period of eleven hundred years, and the lease contains numerous restrictions.

Visitors are welcome, and shown every courtesy.

Two of the principal places of interest are Shiloh Tabernacle and Radiophone Broadcasting Station WCBD.

Information regarding the City of Zion, The Christian Catholic Apostolic Church in Zion, Zion Educational Institutions, and Zion Institutions and Industries (Wilbur Glenn Voliva) is supplied by two weekly publications — LEAVES OF HEALING and THE THEOCRAT.

Sample copies of these papers will be sent on request, free of cost.

LEAVES OF HEALING for 1 year—$2.00; THE THEOCRAT for 1 year—$1.00.

Trial Subscription for LEAVES OF HEALING—10 weeks for 25 cts; For THE THEOCRAT—10 weeks for 15 cts.

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