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Cecil Norman Mill & Muriel Elizabeth Dreyer were married on November 25, 1931, on Ezra Avenue in Zion, IL, at an aunt's house. Muriel recalls, "The house was so small that they took all the furniture out and managed to fit 75 people into the two small bedroom house." The couple spent the first few years together living in Waukegan, on North Genesse Street to start, and on Grand Avenue as well. The couple built their first home in Zion, on Hermon Avenue. The house is still standing today. Cecil & Muriel were blessed with a great family, as the two had a total of 5 children. Though James tragically died due to post-delivery head trauma and only survived a few months. Herbert was tragically taken too early and is still missed dearly today. The couple made it through many tough times in life, including the Great Depression where Muriel recalls Cecil only made $12.00 a week to support the family. Many stories from that time make you wonder how they made it at all. Muriel can also remember having to wait in line for their one pound of butter a month. And getting a simple thing like a banana was a real treat at the time. In 1965, the couple built their home which still is in the family located in Winthrop Harbor, IL. The red ranch with 2.5 car garage is still sitting as pretty (if not prettier) than the day it was built. Many who know them can picture Cecil working countless hours in that garage still. But through it all the couple remained strong for each other and for their family. Not one child can remember ever going without, and the grandkids know the definition of spoiled to the tee. Grandkids now total 9, while great grandkids are at 16 now, and 1 great great grandchild! Another steadfast love the two had is God and the Christian values they were both taught and raised with. Cecil and Muriel both knew the Bible well and talk about Christ often. 95 years later their legacy can never be quite captured in words, but their memory will go on for years to come. Though both Cecil and Muriel are now in heaven smiling down upon us, we know their influence and love will speak volumes for the years to come. We create this website in honor of them, hoping we all can learn from a couple who have fought the good fight and who will both look back together from heaven one day saying they won the race set before them. I can see Grandpa fixing the automobiles in heaven even know! Grandma's love, humor, and kindness has made heaven all that much better.
We love you and may God forever bless the both of you!

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